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Cain Rising springs from the UK. I’ve taken influences from the folk and country music from my childhood in Glasgow and married them to my love of the music that's come from America over the last four decades - Springsteen, Petty, Dylan. With the band I’ve put together a selection of the songs for this album that have gone down well at our gigs.


From the East Coast rock of The Rain to the raw folk influenced Days of Wine and Roses and Ride the Sun; Jenny Jenny takes you down south Alabama way and rocks you out while When Johnny Walked the Line shows our lyrical side. Riding in Another Man's Car pays homage to a time when rock was a lot simpler and "in yer face". On the other side of the coin we don't shy away from the Rock Ballad - Fool - or from the sultry Restless.


Featured in the band are Jez Parry on bass and his wife Jo on backing vocals. Paul King rocks out solidly on the drums while Dave Baldwin's vintage Hammond organ screams at your soul.


The got to check it out. Kevin Blake - country genius with evil rock streak in him. Check the outro solo on The Rain if you don't believe me. It's up there with closing bars of Hotel California or Mark Knofler's solo in Sultans of Swing in terms of iconic guitar solos. The guy’s a hero of mine.


And Jamie Masters. Producer and honorary band member. We couldn’t have done this without his invaluable skills and exceptional ears. Patient and diplomatic to a fault in the face of me sitting in the back seat going “Are we there yet?”.


Me, I'm just the singer and the songwriter. It's been my pleasure to work with these outstanding professionals and watch them bring my babies to life.


I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed creating them.




Southside Jimmy Price


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